Faith at Home

This Faith at Home section of our website is chock full of resources and ideas and activities. We want to strengthen the partnership between home and congregation--to focus on empowering, resourcing, and supporting the development of the family as the center of faith formation. 

Come and browse through the many ideas for adults, families, teens and children. We'll be updating this site regularly so check in often.


The Gift of an Ordinary Day
by Katrina Kenison 
Book recommendation by Tracey Daniel: Katrina Kenison is a forty year old who feels a restlessness with where she finds herself and her family. She and her husband decide to follow “her heart”  and make some big changes. Kenison tells us about the inevitable changes that life brings and how her family copes and eventually thrives in them. Kenison puts into words what some of us have a difficulty expressing as she enters this time of midlife as a wife, mother and daughter. 



What is Communion?
Lisa Hebacker, Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care, discusses communion and its meaning.

The Eucharist
Another word we use for communion is Eucharist. Listen to the Episcopal bishop Michael Curry discuss the significance of the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist.

Eucharist: Bishop Michael Curry from Pilar Timpane on Vimeo.

What is Prayer?
Nolan Huizenga, White Memorial's former Associate Pastor for Discipleship, addresses this question.