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White Memorial Presbyterian Church
1704 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC 27608
Main: 919-834-3424 ~ Fax: 919-829-0139

To contact White Memorial staff, dial 919-834-3425, plus the extension number listed in parentheses, or dial 919-834-3424 for the receptionist. Email addresses are listed for those who have them.

Christopher Edmonston (ext. 246);

Associate Pastor for Administration and Outreach
Gary W. Fulton (ext. 201); 

Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care 
Lisa Hebacker (ext. 208); 

Associate Pastor for Community Ministry
Gloria B. Johnson (ext. 207); 

Associate Pastor for Youth and their Families
Chip Pope (ext. 213);

Pastoral Resident for Congregational Ministry 
Blake Daniel (ext. 251); 

Parish Associate for Senior Adult Ministry
Judy Pidcock (ext. 238);
Director of Senior Adult Care
Lindsay M. Jordan (ext. 220); 

Associate Pastor For Christian Education
Tracey Daniel (ext. 247);

Director of Young Children's Ministry
Gwen C. Whiteman (ext. 221);

Director of Elementary Ministry
Lynn H. Springfield (ext. 232);

Nursery Coordinator
Page King;

Director of Middle School Ministry
Jill McElroy (ext. 245);

Director of High School Ministry
Laura Boyd (ext. 240);

Interim Confirmation Director
Katy Schafer (ext. 237);

Director of Music
Karl Zinsmeister (ext. 211);

Director of Children's Music
Agnes Vaglio;

Director of Weekday School
Cynthia Baggett (919-834-4637);

Communications Director
Emily Nelson (ext. 236);

Pastoral Counselors
Robert Cooke; Call 919-845-9977, ext. 202

StepUp Ministry Director
Steve Swayne; Call 919-781-0156, ext. 104; 
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist 
Tonya Higgins (ext. 216);

Administrative Assistant for Music and Congregational Ministry
Susan Roberts (ext. 210);

Coordinator for Membership and Engaged Discipleship 
Elizabeth Bailey (ext. 206);

Copy Equipment Operator
Walter Wilkerson (ext. 225)

Administrative Assistant for Weekday School
Angie Altstaetter (919-834-4637);

Director of Mother's Morning Out
Carolyn Pittman (ext. 233)

Director of Food Services
Donna B. Lupo (ext. 231);

Assistant Director of Food Services
Macy Aguirre (ext. 227);

Food Services Assistant
Ruth Ann Pulley; Terrell Grimes (ext. 227)

Administrative Assistant for Education and Youth
Daniella Kamis-Brown (ext. 212);

Facilities Maintenance Manager
Alex Guevara (ext. 230);

Finance Assistant
Betty Peterson (ext. 203);

Finance Manager
Jody K. Grayson (ext. 204);

Office Manager
Colleen M. Aguirre (ext. 202);

Pastoral Assistant
Rebecca Turner (ext. 222);

Publications Coordinator
Debra Seifer (ext. 217);

Karen Haneline (ext. 219);