Phone Outage

We are experiencing intermittent issues with the church phone lines. Please email us using the staff directory if you are having problems reaching us. More information

Contact Us

White Memorial Presbyterian Church
1704 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC 27608
Main: 919-834-3424 ~ Fax: 919-829-0139

To contact White Memorial staff, dial 919-834-3425, plus the extension number listed in parentheses, or dial 919-834-3424 for the receptionist. Email addresses are listed for those who have them.

Christopher Edmonston (ext. 246);

Associate Pastor for Administration and Outreach
Gary W. Fulton (ext. 201);

Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care
Lisa Hebacker (ext. 208);

Associate Pastor for Community Ministry
Gloria B. Johnson (ext. 207);

Associate Pastor for Youth and their Families
Chip Pope (ext. 213);

Pastoral Resident for Congregational Ministry
Blake Daniel (ext. 251);

Parish Associate for Senior Adult Ministry
Judy Pidcock (ext. 238);

Director of Senior Adult Care
Lindsay M. Jordan (ext. 220);

Associate Pastor For Christian Education
Tracey Daniel (ext. 247);

Director of Young Children's Ministry
Gwen C. Whiteman (ext. 221);

Director of Elementary Ministry
Lynn H. Springfield (ext. 232);

Nursery Coordinator
Page King;

Director of Middle School Ministry
Jill McElroy (ext. 245);

Director of High School Ministry
Laura Boyd (ext. 240);

Interim Confirmation Director
Katy Schafer (ext. 237);

Director of Music
Karl Zinsmeister (ext. 211);

Director of Children's Music
Agnes Vaglio;

Director of Weekday School
Cynthia Baggett (919-834-4637);

Communications Director
Emily Nelson (ext. 236);

Pastoral Counselors
Robert Cooke; Call 919-845-9977, ext. 202

StepUp Ministry Director
Steve Swayne; Call 919-781-0156, ext. 104;

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Tonya Higgins (ext. 216);

Administrative Assistant for Music and Congregational Ministry
Susan Roberts (ext. 210);

Coordinator for Membership and Engaged Discipleship
Elizabeth Bailey (ext. 206);

Copy Equipment Operator
Walter Wilkerson (ext. 225)

Administrative Assistant for Weekday School
Angie Altstaetter (919-834-4637);

Director of Mother's Morning Out
Carolyn Pittman (ext. 233)

Director of Food Services
Donna B. Lupo (ext. 231);

Assistant Director of Food Services
Macy Aguirre (ext. 227);

Food Services Assistant
Ruth Ann Pulley; Terrell Grimes (ext. 227)

Administrative Assistant for Education and Youth
Daniella Kamis-Brown (ext. 212);

Facilities Maintenance Manager
Alex Guevara (ext. 230);

Finance Assistant
Betty Peterson (ext. 203);

Finance Manager
Jody K. Grayson (ext. 204);

Office Manager
Colleen M. Aguirre (ext. 202);

Pastoral Assistant
Rebecca Turner (ext. 222);

Publications Coordinator
Debra Seifer (ext. 217);

Karen Haneline (ext. 219);