Sunday Church School Building
Cancer Companions: Cancer Care l C203 l Contact: Theresa Jeffers, Amanda Kidd
Christian Fellowship: Study of Revelation
 l C200 l Contact: Carol Vassey
Cover to Cover: Reading the Bible (Meets the first Sunday every month
          beginning Jan. 2016)
l C302 l Contact: 
Lisa Hebacker
Parents of Young Teens: Parenting Teens l C301 l Contact: Chip Pope
Searchers: Genesis to Revelation
l C204 l Contact: Susan Alexander
Intergenerational Class: Spiritual Gifts l C303 l Contact: 
Emily McNair
Young Adult: Topical Study l C300 l Contact: James Fenwick

KNOX Building
Faith Foundations: Parables of Jesus l K301 l Contact: Susan Roberts
Current Events l K300 l Contact: Harriet & Jerry Worley
New Covenant: Galatians, Ephesians & Philippians
l K200 l Contact: Justus Everett
Theological Forum: Current Theological Topics l K302 l Contact: FloDan Durway
TNT: Re-examining Christianity l K201 l Contact: 
Sally Nunnally
Parents of Young Children: Parenting Young Children | K202 | Contact: Tracey Daniel

Greatest Generation: The Present Word - Uniform Lesson l W400 l Contact: Bettye Gunter

Please join us if you see a class of interest.
The contact person would love to answer any questions.
For more information, call or e-mail 
Tracey Daniel (919-834-3425, ext. 247)