Adult Education Opportunities

Adult Education at White Memorial
White Memorial offers a number of opportunities for Christian Education for adults so they can continue their study of the Bible and their spiritual development.  Classes are offered on Sunday mornings and during the week. Often the insights gained in adult Christian Education activities lead to a fuller, richer faith journey, fellowship and more active involvement in the ministry of the church. Study the GOSPELS with Mickey Efird!
Join us each Sunday or as often as you are in town. This year we are honored to have Mickey Efird teach us about the Gospels. We will meet Sunday, June 19 through Sunday, August 14 at 9:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary.

In Greek the word “gospels” means “good news”. Come enrich your faith and grow in Christ as Efird shares his deep knowledge of the good news of Jesus’ life and ministry with us. He is a wonderful speaker and a dynamic teacher, having taught at Duke Divinity School as the Professor of Biblical Interpretation for many years. Mark your calendar now! Find more.

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     Commit to Cover-to-Cover
Cover-to-Cover is a year-long read through the bible. There are lots of ways you can participate in this adventure at WMPC - choose one or do them all!
  • Follow the plan and read the bible, cover-to-cover. The January plan is below; other months will follow. You can also pick up printed year-long plans around campus. (Note: this will be a roughly chronological read through the bible - we’ll mix it up a bit rather than reading straight through.)
  • Gather with other Cover-to-Cover readers on first Sundays at 9:30 in C302 to take a look ahead and share the experience.
If you read through the bible every year or if you’ve never made it through the whole bible, join us for this shared journey in faith as we attend to scripture from Cover-to-Cover.

Complete printable reading schedule
Registration is encouraged.