Discipleship and Hospitality

What is Covenant Life?
First, it is about God’s love for us. We live our entire lives enfolded in the covenant of God’s redemptive love as revealed in Jesus Christ. As Psalm 139 affirms, there is nowhere we can run that escapes God’s loving presence.

But we are not Christians in isolation! God calls us into covenanted community with each other. We are a fellowship of believers and seekers who pay attention together for where the Holy Spirit may lead us. And we seek to meet each other’s needs, to encourage each other’s gifts, to grow in love through the joys and griefs of our life together.

Finally, through our experience of God’s love, we covenant to extend grace beyond our own community, to live out deep hospitality, expanding the circle of care to include God’s whole creation.

Bob Usry, Covenant Life Chair
Nolan Huizenga, Associate Pastor for Covenant Life