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Relationships, relationships, relationships.... Most of us would agree that our relationship with God and our relationships with others are of utmost importance. Presbyterian Women offer several opportunities in which women may nurture their faith through prayer and bible study, support the mission of the church world-wide, work for justice and peace and build an inclusive caring community of women.
Contact: Carolyn Younger;
Gloria Johnson (staff)

2015 Presbyterian Women Life Memberships
Congratulations to Diane Britt, Wynn Dorsett, Theresa Jeffers, Faye Senter and Josie White who were awarded Honorary Life Memberships in Presbyterian Women PC(USA).  They were inducted at the PW monthly luncheon on May 11, 2015.  We are so grateful for these recipients, and honor them for their exceptional service to White Memorial and the community.

"Who's Your Best Friend?"
January's luncheon program featured Lynn Kyle, a Christian humorist, who spoke on the topic "Who is Your Best Friend"

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Cross Stitchers Needed
In order for the tradition of baptismal samplers to continue, we need cross stitchers to make the samplers. If you are interested, please contact June Ann Ward so she can add you to our list of volunteers.

What else do Presbyterian Women do?
Stitch samplers for babies baptized at WMPC.
Participate in monthly outreach projects.
Help organize and run the Christmas Share program.
Meet with women through Church Women United.
Support Presbyterian missions in our country and beyond.
Support each other in good times and tough times.
The list goes on and on . . . . . . COME JOIN US!!