Pastoral Care

We love because God first loved us...

... so says First John. God's love does indeed overwhelm and transform us.
And that transformation finds its way out of our lives in the ways we reach out to others.

Explore the WMPC Care pages to learn about ways members of this community care for each other.
This page offers information about care offered by WMPC pastors and our Samaritan Counseling Center partners.

Shame & Grace: A Workshop
As a part of her doctoral dissertation/project, Lisa Hebacker is offering a four-week workshop on Shame & Grace. The focus of the workshop will be:

• defining shame and distinguishing it from guilt;
• recognizing how shame shapes us and our relationships;
• learning to embrace grace as wholeness in the midst of shame’s brokenness.

The workshop will be held on four Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 p.m. beginning October 16. To express interest, contact Lisa Hebacker. The workshop will be limited to 12 participants. Lisa will endeavor to assemble a group with the potential to build the trust necessary to do this work together.

Living at the End of Life
November 5 &12
7:00-8:30 p.m

Dying is inevitable. And we can ignore it and avoid it or face it and prepare for it. Living at the End of Life is a two-session panel discussion that will help you prepare for the latter part of your life. A November 5 panel will consider end-of-life preparation and planning; a November 12 panel will cover funeral and burial concerns. Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m in C200. Come ready to prepare to live fully right up until the day you die. Contact Lisa Hebacker with questions. Concerns
All of the WMPC pastors offer direct pastoral care for members and friends of the church. Call a pastor directly or contact Rebecca Turner or Elizabeth Bailey for help in identifying the pastor with whom you might best connect. Further, Rebecca coordinates pastoral care surrounding births, deaths and marriages. Please be in touch if you know of such events in the lives of our members; Rebecca is also a huge help when you are managing the details of a baptism, wedding or service of witness to the resurrection.

Hospital Visitation
WMPC pastors visit hospitalized members most every day of the week. But we can only visit if we know you are in the hospital! Contact Susan Roberts to let us know where and when you are in the hospital and we will be sure to make a visit. That the congregation might be aware of your need for care, please know that it is our practice to list hospitalizations at the reception desk and in our weekly newsletter; tell us if you would prefer to keep your hospitalization confidential. Details of your hospitalization are, of course, kept in confidence by our church staff.

Pastor on Call
A WMPC pastor is always on call, so one of us is always available to our membership for pastoral emergencies. If a life event creates a need for pastoral care outside of regular office hours, please call the on-call pastor at 919-605-4593. A pastor will respond as soon as possible.

Pastoral Counseling Center
Starting June 2012, Robert Cooke is our on-site pastoral counselor. He is an experienced therapist with Triangle Pastoral Counseling, and he welcomes new clients regardless of affiliation with White Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Robert Cooke will see clients in the counseling office on Mondays and Fridays, by appointment. Contact Robert via email or at 919-845-9977 ext. 202.

If you have general questions about pastoral counseling, or would like to speak with a pastor first, contact Nolan Huizenga (staff).