Caring for One Another

Reading Richard Rohr
All are invited to join in reading and discussing Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self on second Thursdays from 10:45-11:45 in room C302, beginning on September 10. Please obtain the book and read through Chapter 1 prior to September 10. We’ll distribute a reading plan at the first gathering. No registration required; contact Lisa Hebacker with questions.

Caring for One Another of the blessing of being church is the opportunity to give and receive care to sisters and brothers we know through Christ. In our giving care there is a sense that we act as Christ toward one another; in our receiving care there is a sense that we receive Christ's care. Consider these ministries where you might give or receive Christ's care.

Diaconate Visitation
WMPC Deacons visit hospitals, nursing homes, the homebound, the sick, the friendless, and anyone who may be in distress.
Contact: Gray Creech

Friendly Visitors
Volunteers arrange and make visits, on a regular basis, to church members who are homebound or in a care facility. You can be a Friendly Visitor!
Contact: Charlotte Swart, Lindsay Jordan (staff)

New Baby Ministry
Each baby is welcomed to White Memorial by a home visit from the church. Then each month for the first year, we provide information which includes topics on nurturing your child in our faith tradition, developmental milestones, and various parenting tips that can assist families as they welcome their new bundle of joy. White Memorial always wants to welcome babies and their families to church for worship, study and fellowship.
Contact: Tracey Daniel (staff)

White Memorial Prayer Ministry

This ministry maintains a prayer list for those willing to pray regularly for specific persons and concerns, and communicates prayer requests to the prayer ministry group. All may participate.
Contact: Lisa Hebacker(staff)

Bereavement Care Team
The Bereavement Care Team provides services for grieving families, such as meals and hospitality needs, following a death. Team members reach out with Christian love and concern by providing food, greeting visitors or helping in the kitchen of the family home, providing transportation for family members, and in other ways.

Bereavement Care Information Document
Reimbursement Form
Report Form
Bereavement Care Recipes

Contact: Cynthia White