Workshops and Support Groups

Convinced that our bodies are our gift from God, the ways we care for our physical selves becomes as important as the ways we care for our spiritual selves. White Memorial's Health Ministries team sponsors a variety of education and support opportunities to encourage members and friends to care for their bodies. God in Your Cancer Journey
White Memorial offers support through a Christ center program called Cancer Companions to cancer patients, survivors, caregivers or anyone touched by this disease .

The Cancer Companions class invites anyone interested in this program to join us for refreshments and fellowship on Sunday, December 7 and Sunday January 4, from 9:30-10:45 a.m. in C203. We will also be presenting information on our upcoming 9-week Church School offering beginning February 8: Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey.
For details, contact Becky Bock, or Lisa Hebacker.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you" - James 4:8

Hearing Healthcare Educational Program
January 14, 2015
7:00 p.m. in C200

Join us for an interactive expert panel discussion designed to help you understand the fundamentals of hearing healthcare and the surprising long-term health consequences of poor hearing.

This program will help you:
- Sort out the truth from fiction in hearing aid advertisements
- Learn the long-term medical consequences of poor hearing, including the studies at Johns Hopkins’ and NIH showing the surprisingly high risk of dementia (including Alzheimer’s), depression and falls with broken bones
- Understand the basics of hearing care, including standards of care that help you hear your best your entire life
- How to decide on which type of hearing health care provider is best for you and your family
- Understand the difference between significant hearing loss and normal “aging”
- Understand the linkage between hearing loss and smoking, diabetes and other environmental factors
- Help aging people avoid isolation and connect with loved ones with a variety of assistive devices
- Understand the costs and insurance issues of hearing healthcare.

Panelists include Dr. Ken Thomas, Dr. Susan Rawls, Dr. Philip Griffin and Dr. Bob Keefer.

Flu Shot Clinic
Each autumn Health Ministries sponsors a flu shot clinic for the convenience of our members. The flu shot, the nasal spray mist flu vaccine (FluMist®), and the dTap shot that provides protection against tetanus and pertussis are administered. Certification
Health Ministries sponsors CPR classes a couple of times a year.

CPR for Officers and Staff
We ask that as many officers of WMPC go through CPR/AED training as possible. We now have three automated Electronic Defibrillators( AED) on our campus and know that in emergencies being able to use them can SAVE LIVES! Please be a part of learning how to be trained for emergencies during activities at our church. Watchers
White Memorial offers Weight Watchers because we are all called to be good stewards of the bodies and the lives we have been given. Since October 2011, WMPC has offered a Weight Watchers group. Everyone is welcome to attend one meeting at no charge.

2014 Goal: Weight Loss
If one of your 2014 goals is to lose weight, come join the Weight Watchers group that meets in W400 on Thursdays from 6:30-7:00 p.m. with weigh-in starting at 6:00 p.m. Information on cost will be available at the meeting.
Why Do You Want to Lose?

Maybe you want to lose weight because you are tired of struggling up the stairs, or are worried about your heart health, or simply do not like what you see in the mirror. On a weight-loss journey, you will find that other reasons pop up as you recognize just what losing weight can do for you.

Why ask why? Because the more reasons you have, the more points of strength you’ll have to lean on, the firmer your resolve, and the more tangible your weight goal. A simpler way to put it: the more “want power” you have, the more willpower you have.

Don’t wait...anyone can join. Meetings are held at White Memorial Presbyterian Church every Thursday in W400 from 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. with weigh-in starting at 6:00 p.m. Contact Lisa Hebacker for more information, or if the current time or day does not fit your schedule and you would like us consider another time.