Major Mission 2013

Major Mission 2012 and 2013 - A Great Success!
Thank you to everyone who supported the Major Mission campaigns in 2012 and 2103. As a result of your generosity and the hard work by volunteers we exceeded the $100,000 goal for 2013. At year end 2013, 259 pledges had been received totaling $107,576.

The two-year Major Mission Campaign raised over $250,000 for the Haiti and russia Ministries, providing a tremendous boost for our mission partners there.

The Major Mission Leadership team members were: Chris White, chair; Jim and Amy Buckthal, Bill and Sharon Hayes, Bill and Susie Jackson and Diane Payne.

The Projects Haiti, construction of the high school in the community of Terre Noire is underway! The foundation has been dug, and the outline of the first module can be seen. The first module will house students in grades 7-9 and is one of three buildings that will comprise the high school. Much progress has been made recently with the completion of the security wall surrounding the site, construction of the caretaker’s cottage and improvements to the road in front of the high school. Pastor Leon Dorleans, Executive Director of Haiti Outreach Ministries, said, “Your gift for the construction of the high school in Haiti is immeasurable; because of it, the future looks so much brighter and promising for our fifth and sixth graders who will be attending the school in September 2015. you very much for your continuing support and prayers. With the Lord's help, we will continue to move by faith knowing that God will provide what we need to educate the children who live in Cite Soleil, Terre-Noire (Blanchard) and Repatriote (Menelas) areas…May the Lord continue to bless our partnership as well as our relationship.” Russia, the rebuilt Rodnik camp facility opened as a result of the 2012 Major Mission campaign, and the conference center and the camp have been heavily used. This past summer three camp sessions took place, serving 150 children and teenagers. More than ten multi-church conferences were held there with an additional five meetings for pastors in the region. Numerous church services and other meetings have been held regularly. The youth center is being finished with the 2013 campaign funds, and conferences and gatherings for youth including orphanage graduates are scheduled. Ignatenkov, pastor of the Smolensk church writes, “Smolensk Central Baptist Church is very thankful to you for numerous help in the rebuilding of the youth and children’s Christian camp….The members of Smolensk Central Baptist Church, children from the Sunday School and children from different orphanages have received wonderful opportunities for numerous interesting and useful activities, such as summer and winter camps, conferences, seminars, festive events, retreats for people of all ages and church activities…. From all our hearts, we wish each member of your church blessings.”

Major Mission Haiti Fact Sheet - A High School for Haiti

Major Mission Russia Fact Sheet - Youth and Conference Center for Russia