Safe Sanctuary Policy

WMPC has a Safe Sanctuary Policy

Q: Why do we need a policy to protect children and youth from sexual misconduct?

A: Because our kids are worth it!!

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The Christian church is called to express and give witness to the love of God through Word and action. This is how the Church reveals God's vision and Kingdom of justice in the world. Expressions of God's love are revealed to us and our neighbor through worship, study, prayer, and fellowship. Through this type of ministry together, the Christian community connects us to the most intimate, vulnerable, and sacred dimensions of our lives. The work of building God's new creation is done by church members (both adult and children), clergy, and church staff.

We are "covenantal" people
Central to the Reformed faith is the concept of "covenant." God entered into covenant with the people of God to assure survival and liberation. God's people made promises to God in order to live out the covenant in their lives. As the body of Christ, we covenant with one another to create a community where all the people experience the security, love, and acceptance of the Christian community. The promises we make to each other are sacred.

In the covenant of baptism, individuals and the congregation take responsibility for the spiritual well-being and growth of individuals entrusted to the believing community. In the covenant that takes place during communion, the cup and the bread represent our commitment to remembering the new covenant Jesus created with his friends and disciples.

Because of nature of relationships between church members, staff, and clergy and the vulnerability that arises from sharing our faith and life together, the church can potentially be a place where individuals can engage in abusive, inappropriate, and illegal behaviors and actions with other community members.

The purpose of this sexual misconduct and child protection covenant is to firmly address the presence of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment in our social and ecclesiastical culture in a proactive manner. Survivors and victims of sexual misconduct experience a rupture in their sense of belonging and identity within a community of faith. To that end, it will be the policy of White Memorial Presbyterian Church to reduce the risk to members and staff of the Church from sexual misconduct including both potential victim and potential accused person. To protect potential victim and accused person, the following covenant will be in force in all areas of WMPC ministry. In addition to this policy, all clergy are covered by the Presbyterian Church (USA) Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures Clergy.

 As God who called you is holy,
be holy yourselves in all your conduct;
       ...tend the flock of God that is in your charge,...       
not under compulsion but willingly,...
not for sordid gain, but eagerly. ...
not lord it over those in your charge,
but be examples to the flock

1 Peter 1:15; 5:2-3