Holy Land Pilgrimage 2024

April 4 - 15

12 Day Holy Land Pilgrimage
April 4-15, 2024
Led by Reverend Cate Church Norman, Jeb Jeutter and Reverend Jody Welker

For thousands of years, Christians from all over the world have journeyed to the Holy Land to deepen their faith. Next spring, join other WMPC members and friends as we embark on the trip of lifetime! We’ll immerse ourselves in the history and culture of the Holy Land and have our faith and reading of the Bible awakened as we explore significant places from the Bible. We’ll walk in the steps of Abraham, Moses, Mary and Jesus, and we’ll also seek to understand something of the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict and get a feel for the current situation.

This will be a spiritual pilgrimage, not a tour per se. As Christian pilgrims we will undertake this journey to deepen our life in Christ through seeing the Land and meeting the “living stones” there, and through corporate worship, sacraments, shared prayer and experiential learning.

Tentative Itinerary
Day 1, April 4              Depart Raleigh
Day 2, April 5              Arrive in Tel Aviv & Tiberias
Day 3, April 6              Tiberias and Kafr Kanna
Day 4, April 7              Tiberias
Day 5, April 8              Cross to Jordan
Day 6, April 9              Travel to Amman, Mt. Nebo, Petra, Jericho & Dead Sea
Day 7, April 10            Amman, Mt. Nebo, Petra
Day 8, April 11            Bethlehem & Jerusalem
Day 9, April 12            Ein Karem, Bethlehem & Jerusalem
Day 10, April 13          Jerusalem
Day 11 April 14           Jerusalem
Day 12 April 15           Depart Tel Aviv

Estimated cost (based on a minimum of 25 travelers) is $4918 (including airfare) and $3138 for land only. More details to come. Registration will be available soon. Contact Cate Church Norman for more information or to put your name on a list of interested participants. The trip has space for 35 participants.