Russia Ministry Partnership

White Memorial has partnered with the Central Baptist Church in Smolensk, Russia since 1999. Our partnership includes mission trips by White Memorial members and staff to Russia and visits by staff and members of Central Baptist to Raleigh. During these trips we participate in our shared ministries. The Smolensk church has approximately 260 members. Victor Ignatenkov is the Senior Pastor. White Memorial has helped provide seed money to establish some of the outreach ministries of the Smolensk Church.

The ministries of the Central Baptist Church of Smolensk include:

Orphanage Ministry

Presently, they are working in 14 of the 30 orphanages in the Smolensk region. Victor and the church members have made rather major renovations for a number of the orphanages. White Memorial has contributed some of the money that has gone into renovations.

At the orphanages the orphanage team provides opportunities for music, Bible stories, crafts, and games. When children leave the orphanage at age 17 or 18 with no place to call home, it is especially good for them to have a church home in Smolensk where they have already made friends. Someone from the church is at one of the orphanages most school days.

Summer Camp and Conference Center

The rebuilding of the camp since the main building was destroyed by fire has been a major emphasis of the Smolensk Church. The new building provides a facility for church meetings, special activities, the summer camp for children and youth, and a year-round conference center. Members of White Memorial have made trips to help with the construction and White Memorial has donated funds to support the project. In 2014, as part of the rebuilding, a youth center was complete as a gathering place for church, neighborhood and orphanage graduate youth.