Partnerships in Haiti

Carol Vassey   -  

Greetings, friends. I’d like to share a few thoughts with you about White Memorial’s partnerships in Haiti. Many of you are aware that the situation in Haiti has been concerning for many years. When I first visited Haiti in 2007, I was greatly taken aback by the overwhelming poverty and, at the same time, was greatly inspired by the Christian care and concern Haitians demonstrated for everyone. Like many others in our congregation, I began to visit regularly. Together we worked alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters, with our long-term partners in Haiti, Family Health Ministries and Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM,) dreaming of a better future. With the political instability, rampant inflation, crime, and other 3rd world country ailments (not to mention the impact of a global pandemic!), we have been unable to travel to Haiti for 3+ years.

While we are disappointed that our visits have been curtailed, there is much good news to be shared with you! First, thank YOU! Due to your generosity, our church has continued to support the good work being done in Haiti by our mission partners. White Memorial has sponsored 30 students since pre-K at the various HOM schools. Currently we sponsor seven 7th graders at Barye Fe Secondary School, nineteen 6th graders, two 5th graders and two pre-K students! Take a look at the poster in the Small Dining Room and see all their smiling faces! Scan the QR code on the poster and watch a special (and very short) video.

Other wonderful work happening THIS YEAR in Haiti:

  • The first class of 13th graders (seniors) just completed their studies at Barye Fe, with a 94% success rate on national exams! Serving students through grade 13 has been a long-held vision for Barye Fe. Additionally, four new classrooms have been constructed, as well as a kitchen.
  • The second masonry vocational training class was held this summer, with instructors from Extollo International.
  • In the Repatriote community, the maternal-child health project with Curamericas is well underway with home visits, care groups, and ongoing training sessions.
  • With the move of the HOM medical clinic to Terre Noire, it continues to see an average of 958 patients a month; the dentist averages about 239 patients monthly.
  • At Family Health Ministries, fundraising has been completed for a surgical suite at the Leogane Birthing Center and a Community Garden started as well.
  • Construction of the new HOM Bible College is slated to begin this fall.

Also, the WMPC Youth are sponsoring a Barye Fe school supply drive this month. Please check your September newsletter for details. If you are interested in sponsoring an individual student attending an HOM school ($35 monthly for a primary school,) please reach out to me or William White (we are co-chairs of the Haiti Committee). If you are one of those people who wants to leave the world a better place, sponsoring a student is a wonderful place to start.

Finally, please join me in praying for Haiti. Our September newsletter has a lovely prayer on page 13, written by members of the PCUSA. My copy sits on my kitchen table, reminding me that I enjoy healthy meals every day, while millions of Haitians do not. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

By Carol Vassey, Haiti Committee