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Vintage Small Groups
Vintage Small Groups

Based on Karen Wright Marsh’s book Vintage Saints and Sinners, this curriculum will introduce you to a “saint,” a brother or sister in our Christian faith who comes from a different time and place, but who has something to teach us about how to live and follow Christ in this time and in this place.

Vintage Small Groups Curriculum

Philippians Bible Study with Christopher Edmonston

Do you know that one of the oldest parts of the Bible is found in Philippians? Do you know that some of the most famous and beloved verses in the New Testament come from Philippians? Do you know the unique location from which the Apostle Paul wrote his letter to the church at Philippi? Join Christopher Edmonston as we read through Philippians. We’ll learn about Philippians together as we discover why it is among the most beloved of all the New Testament epistles.