Pastoral Staff

Christopher Edmonston

Pastor, Head of Staff

Cate Church Norman

Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care

Anne Galliher

Associate Pastor For Small Groups & Young Adults

Jim Ferry

Parish Associate

Lee Hunter

Pastoral Resident

Chip Pope

Associate Pastor for Family Ministry

Grier Booker Richards

Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Adult Faith Formation

Judy Yates Siker

Parish Associate

Program Staff

Andrew Amodei

Executive Director

Cynthia Baggett

Director of Weekday School

Genevieve Brooks

Director of Youth Ministry

Jennifer Eastman

Director of Young Children’s Ministry

Heather Garrabrant

Health Ministry Coordinator

Kelly Gold

Director of Children's and Youth Music

Kirsten Homdrom

Associate Director of Music

Kathy Howell

Communications Director

Liz McKee

Director of Development

Blair Miller

Assistant Director of the Weekday School

Bailey Morton

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry

Eric Nanz

Associate Director of Music and Worship Arts

Linda Nunnallee

Director of Community Engagement

Lynn Springfield

Director of Elementary Ministry

Karl Zinsmeister

Director of Music

Support Staff

David Buckner


Linda Chestnut

Food Service Assistant

Bridget Cobb

Weekday School Office Manager

Claire Cox-Woodlief

Director of Operations

Lisa Crumpler

Pastoral Executive Assistant

Leigh Ann Dailey

Administrative Assistant for Faith Formation & Small Group Ministry

Bec Douthart

Publications and AV Coordinator

Jody Grayson

Finance Manager

Rick Gulley

Lead Custodian

Karen Haneline

Videographer/Production Specialist

Jon Koppe

Facilities Maintenance Manager

Mariel Lee

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant for Outreach and Music

Michael Lehmann


Tyquell McMillian

Food Service Assistant

Tabitha Melville

Food Service Assistant

Patrick Odle


Caroline Parker

Administrative Assistant for Congregational Care

Paris Parrish


Betty Peterson

Finance Assistant

Camille Schaaf

Administrative Assistant for Youth Ministry

Elizabeth Viohl

Member and Development Coordinator

Andrew Walker

Assistant Director of Communications

Debra Watson

Director of Food Services

Church Officers

Nominations are now being accepted for new ruling elders and deacons! Please give prayerful consideration to placing a church member into nomination for the office of Elder or Deacon. Officer nominations are being accepted through January 8, 2024.

The Session

Class of 2024
DeLana Anderson, Bill Barnett, Jr., Kristen Beightol, Nancy Benninger, Mary Chamblee, CC Chiavetta, Jack Clayton, Kelly Cunningham, Tom Davis, Wesley Jones, SuSu Lilly, Don Munford, Mabel Pace, Celia Pope, Ray Watson, Erwin Williams

Class of 2025
Bill Baker, Tyler Craft, Angie Faulk, Burke Koonce, Ruth Landers, Danita Morgan, Diane Payne, Stuart Phoenix, George Ramsay, Gregg Sandreuter, Russ Stephenson, Matt Walker, Rick White, Peter Williams

Class of 2026
Frank Baird, Diane Britt, Penny Carlo, Erin Duffy, Anne Enberg, Debbie Fox, Katherine Gilliland, Jessica Ledford, Glenn Matteson, Caroline Rectanus, Karl Rectanus, Jared Smith, John Thagard, Bill White, Tricia Willoughby, Rob Wyatt IV

The Diaconate

Class of 2024
Jonathan Broyles, Laura Clark, Gray Glover, Tracey Hall, Blair Hughes, Sid Hunt, Scott Lasso, Philips Leach, Ann Matteson, Terree Montgomery, Lydia Pickard, Margaret Raynal, Wayne Rogers, Jackie Rufty, Jan Stewart, Alex Wyatt

Class of 2025
Chester Allen, Beth Barnard, Kristye Brackett, Nancy Brawley, Calleigh Crumpler, Toni Hutto, Lori Jones, Gina Minton, Brian Mock, Ford Robertson, Carole Sawicki, Chris Wilson

Class of 2026
Cotten Barnes, Melanie Biddell, Matthew Brookby, Brent Brockschmidt, Cindy Canning, Paula Corkey, Lee Craven, Amelia Edmonston, Travs Harris, Dalton Carruthers Hunt, Julie Leon, Cissy Livengood, Allen Pharr, Christopher Pharr, Kristen Sloop, Mary Willoughby, Scott Wilson, Heather York