Generosity – StepUp

Colisah Stanford   -  
I could speak for hours about the generosity White Memorial Presbyterian Church has shown StepUp over the years. I do mean for hours! How do you get more generous than a church full of believers taking the time looking around this very community to see how they can be of service? 34 years ago, StepUp’s founding members looked around the community, saw a need, and decided to be generous with their time and financial resources to put together a way to help. As many of you know, White Memorial Presbyterian Church started StepUp 34 years ago and continues to support us, pray for us, stand behind us, and work alongside us as we serve our community members in need.
We are able to do our works of service because White Memorial is so incredibly generous with their space. Our beautiful office is located right across the street, which is a part of the White Memorial campus. StepUp hosts the majority of our classes and programs for our families right here in these very classrooms on a weekly basis. The church kitchen staff opens the kitchen to us each Tuesday night and offers a full buffet meal to our staff, volunteers, adults, and children. That very meal could be the only meal that some of our families receive, so we appreciate White Memorial keeping costs low for us so that we can feed more people. We use the church vans to take the StepUp kids on fun and educational outings so they can explore the world beyond their communities.  We are even included in the White Memorial newsletter by my friend Gloria Johnson and others, so that if we have a need, wonderful members like you, can StepUp and support us. Generosity?!?!  I stand here overwhelmed by the amount of support that we receive from White Memorial Church on a daily basis and I was honored to be given the opportunity to say thank you! StepUp is baked into White Memorial Church and we operate together like family.