Congregational Care and Generosity

Scott Wilson   -  

My wife Kristi and I joined White Memorial about 25 years ago and have been faithful members through marriage, the birth and baptisms of our two teenage sons Graham and Reid, and through all the ups and downs life throws at all of us.

To be honest with you, I don’t think we gave much thought to Congregational Care at first. When you’re young and in love, just beginning a career, or thinking about starting a family, you’re invincible, right? I’m sure I thought I was…

Our family has since had to process the passing of family members, the ups and downs of high school and “teenager-hood”, and most recently my cancer diagnosis and treatment during COVID. My point is, my family and I have had multiple first-hand opportunities to benefit from the healing care our church provides.

As you think of Generosity this year, and about the financial gifts to you plan to share with the church, I encourage you to think about the amazing care-related services provided by White Memorial, including:

  • Pastoral Care, which provides access to our Pastor-on-call, personal counseling from one of our clergy, and an amazing partnership with Dr. Robert Cooke of Triangle Pastoral Counseling
  • Member-to-member Care in the form of our Stephen Ministry, Agape Care, Angel Food (serving folks recently discharged from hospital stays), and the Diaconate’s Bereavement Care Team who contacts and cares for grieving church members.
  • Prayer Ministry, which offers prayer-based support, education, and leadership for the congregation
  • Health Ministry including Mental Health & Wellness, a growing group that provides medical equipment loans, Flu Shots, Yoga/Tai-Chi/Pickleball, and in just under a month, AARP Safe Driving classes!
  • Various Support Groups including Cancer Companions, Agape Care (fostering relationships with people who can’t easily make it to worship), and Healing Through Grief, including groups supporting divorce and widowship
  • Partnerships with NAMI of Wake County, Alcoholics Anonymous, and at least two-handfuls of worship groups across various retirement and assisted living communities

All of these amazing groups and more are available to you on the White Memorial website, at

The relationship between what we call “congregational care” and our annual Generosity Campaign is more than simply your funding. Yes, money is what makes all of these great means of care available to our members. Recalling this year’s theme for Generosity 2023 of “Love, Serve, Give Generously”, I humbly ask you to consider an unselfish financial commitment, but also a pledge of your time and your talents to help fellow church family members.

by Scott Wilson