Congregational Care – Have You Ever?

Jim Brown   -  

I would like to share some thoughts about White Memorial’s Congregational Care Ministries. I would like to ask each of you some questions to answer to yourself.

  1. Have you ever had a Stephen Minister?
  2. Have you participated in Cancer Companions?
  3. Have you attended a Contemplative Retreat?
  4. Have you received Angel Food?
  5. Have you receive Bereavement Care?
  6. Have you played pickleball or received a flu shot here at church?
  7. Have you had a phone call or visit from a pastor or our parish nurse?
  8. Did you attend the Hillary McBride presentation on Trauma?
  9. Have you been greeted by a Deacon as you came into church?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you have been touched by the Congregational Care ministry.

Congregational Care has been able to provide these and many other services and offerings. Congregational Care’s newest Ministry is the Mental Health and Wellness Ministry of which I am a member. It is because of your generosity that our church is able to provide us with this new Ministry and such a diversity of other caring Ministries.

Thank you for your support of these programs and thank you for your continued generosity.

By Jim Brown