Congregational Care at WMPC: Help and Encouragement During Difficult Times and Joyous Times

Sheron Sumner   -  

Congregational care is a vital ministry at WMPC, helping us get through tough times of illness, despair, loss, disappointment, depression, broken or dysfunctional family relationships, and other hard times. Equally important, we have been recipients of congregational care during good times when families celebrate the birth of a baby, a wedding, a new job, or recovery from an illness or other difficult situation.

Where do people turn for help and encouragement when difficult stressors and events occur? A pastor or church is often one of the first places. But, pastors can only do so much to meet the needs of the membership. Needs are often greater than time available. White Memorial has an expansive network of congregational care resources to walk with you and provide support.

From my life experiences, Congregational Care is compassion, comfort, hope, faithful connections, support, encouragement, and prayer. My family and I are grateful for the congregational care received from White Memorial many times. Examples include Angel food received during a difficult time, the loan of medical equipment during serious illness, counseling during mental illness or suicide risks, support groups when in despair and loneliness, educational programs on improving health and awareness, opportunities like Stephen Ministry to serve others and grow my faith, constant prayer, and regular phone calls that say, “we care, you are not alone.” Our Mental Health and Wellness Ministry is growing but needs expansion as a mental health crisis has been declared, both nationally and locally.

During my family’s difficult times, thank you for being there, for listening, for the connections, and sense of community, and for reassurance that I am not facing a difficult situation alone. These actions made a big difference and resulted in more loving, more healing, more awareness, more inclusiveness, and models of how to serve more like Jesus.  Congregational Care requires generous financial support; your generosity is essential.

A culture of healthy Congregational Care is a hallmark of a healthy and responsive church. We live in a difficult and chaotic time. Individuals and families are suffering in many ways.  As our membership grows older, elderly needs increase and become more demanding.  Congregational Care is more important than ever!

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Sheron Sumner
Member of Mental Health and Wellness Ministry
Member of Health Committee
Stephen Minister