Parenting in Community Through Circle of Security

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Parenting is hard. Really hard. It is also true in that our experiences with parenting have become increasingly isolated.

Have you seen the latest Instagram posts with adorable children sitting in front of the Christmas tree? How about in the angelic church choir robes?  Yes, the precious moments of childhood are something we should all delight in…but…

Where are all the posts about the epic meltdown when the Christmas ornament fell on the floor and shattered?  How about your little cherub sitting on the floor and REFUSING to walk into the sanctuary for the choir offering?  Where are the Instagram posts about that?

Our culture has so many issues that have become the norm for parenting, and many are conflicting. Social media highlights the best moments of life but without the important discussion of balancing the difficult moments of parenting, many of which are normal for a developing child.

Many parents see these images and think, “my child can’t even put on their socks without a meltdown, let alone getting to choir.” This can be a very isolated experience for parents. Feeling alone and often feeling inadequate.

In addition to feeling alone there is a huge amount of parenting information in the world. Have you walked into a bookstore lately and seen the parenting section? It is overwhelming! So many choices, but which is the most meaningful? Considering all this information it is easy for parents to feel alone and adrift.

Circle of Security Parenting, (originally from SAFEchild) is a meaningful program offered at White Memorial to support families and break through the isolation of parenting that can cause so much stress in families. This eight-chapter curriculum, based on Attachment Theory is deeply rooted in community. Yes, it is a group, some call it a class, but at its core it is an experience of community. You are not alone. You should never be alone.

One of our most recent group members wrote, “Not only did I learn tangible skills to use in our own home, but I built connections with other church members which is very meaningful.” We are created to live, learn and grow in community. We are created to love and be loved which is what we learn and experience in family life.

Oh, but if it were so easy, right? Family is wonderful and hard at the same time. In this space of family, we love hard, and we share all our history with our strengths and stresses along the way. All parents love their children, and we want to “get it right” but what does that mean? In Circle of Security Parenting, we discuss that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Being “good enough” really is all that children need from us.

The curriculum also gives a road map to understanding the landscape of children’s emotional needs, helping children to organize their feelings (and ours, too!) and to build a stronger, more secure relationship within the parent/child bond. No one is meant to do this all alone.

You are invited to join the next class and learn new insights about parenting! The next class is scheduled for January 21- March 17, 2024, Sunday evenings 5-6:30 p.m. Register below.

Laura Brimberry, MSW and Penny Carlo, MSN
​​Members of WMPC