Women’s Monthly Fellowship Luncheon

March 11 12:00 - 1:00 pm

All women are cordially invited
Monday‭, ‬March 11
Main Hall‭ | ‬Luncheon‭ | ‬12-1:00‭ ‬p.m‭. ‬

We welcome our Major Mission partner for 2024 to speak with us this month. Director of Development Jim Dempsey from SouthLight will discuss their planned renovations and share the impact SouthLight has on our community. Afterwards we will join Outreach in wrapping Easter baskets. What a festive conclusion guaranteed to bring joy, not only to the basket recipients, but also to those who helped create them. Stay for the fun! We thank Coordinating Team for hosting this special event. Please remember to register by noon, Friday, March 8.



PW’s ongoing collaboration with Church wide Outreach on Easter Basket preparations concludes this month. Baskets, from which circles or individuals may select, contain a list of suggested items to the fill the baskets. Choose one – or several – from under the staircase in Ross Building, and return to the same location by March 3.


Circles meet on Monday, March 11 unless otherwise noted. For circle membership information, please contact Marsha Blackburn, or Ceil Blackwell.

Circle A‭: ‬10:15‭ ‬a.m‭., ‬C200‭; ‬Rep‭. – ‬Nancy Long
NEW‭! ‬Circle B‭: ‬March 13, ‬6:00‭ ‬p.m‭., ‬K302‭; ‬Rep‭. – ‬Kelly Hobson‭ ‬
Circle C‭: ‬10:00‭ ‬a.m‭., ‬K302‭; ‬Rep‭. – ‬Paula Williams‭; ‬Ann White
Circle D‭: March 14, ‬11:00‭ ‬a.m‭.; ‬The Cypress‭; ‬Rep‭. – ‬Flo Durway
Circle E‭: ‬10:30‭ ‬a.m‭., ‬C301‭; ‬Rep‭. – ‬Nancy Heathcote
Circle F‭: ‬10:30‭ ‬a.m‭., ‬C203‭; ‬Reps‭. – ‬Maggie Black‭, ‬Ann Lichtner
Circle G‭: ‬10:00‭ ‬a.m‭., ‬K200‭;  ‬Reps‭. – ‬Harriet Worley‭, ‬Marsha Blackburn
Circle I‭: ‬March 25‭, ‬10:00‭ ‬a.m‭., ‬Springmoor Carolina Room
Circle K‭: ‬March 12, ‬7:00‭ ‬p.m‭., ‬in member homes‭; ‬Rep‭. – ‬Julia Reeder
Circle L‭: ‬March 13‭, ‬7:00‭ ‬p.m‭., ‬R400‭; ‬Reps‭. – ‬Kathy Kidd‭, ‬Jackie Mullin‭ ‬
Circle M‭: ‬7:00‭ ‬a.m‭., ‬every Tuesday‭, ‬The Hub‭; ‬
Reps‭. – ‬Kathy Kidd‭, ‬Jackie Mullin‭ ‬
Circle N‭: March 12‭, ‬11:30‭ ‬a.m‭., ‬Glenaire‭ (‬Private Dining Room‭); ‬
Reps‭. – ‬Kitty Clements‭, ‬Ann Harris‭ ‬