StepUp Ministry - Primary Mission Partner

In 1988, caring members of White Memorial Presbyterian Church responded to the growing conversation around homelessness by forming a committee of support which became StepUp Ministry. Since that day, we have grown together in a collective effort to provide support to adults and children in our community that face barriers to building stable lives.

In June 2007, White Memorial and StepUp affirmed each other as Primary Mission Partners. StepUp’s offices are on the church campus, and our facilities host many of their programs as well. Many White Memorial members volunteer with StepUp’s programs, employ graduates, and our church supports StepUp with financial contributions through our Community Outreach funding.

StepUp Ministry is a community of adults and children transforming their lives through employment and life skills training.

How It Works

Program participants start out in StepUp’s Employment Week Workshop, where they learn resume writing, practice interview skills, enjoy classes on job readiness, and are outfitted for their interview. After they complete the week-long workshop, they work with StepUp’s employment counselors to find a job. Once employed, StepUp participants are eligible to participate in a yearlong Life Skills class, where they learn goal setting, budgeting, communication skills and more. Adult Life Skills participants are required to bring their children, who participate in a program of their own, where they learn similar skills to their parents, but on age-appropriate levels. StepUp also serves young adults (16-21) in their Real World program, where participants learn how to set goals and plan for their future. After graduation, StepUp participants continue to receive support through an alumni program, that meets weekly to help improve communication skills, develop their careers and keep alumni connected to the StepUp network. To learn more about StepUp’s programs or to get involved, please visit their website at contact them at 919-781-0156 or