Companion Animal Ministry ministry cares for White Memorial members’ companion animals in times of a crisis or an emergency and collaborates with other groups to promote care and concern for God’s creatures. Animal-loving volunteers are welcome.

Companion Animal Ministry also sponsors a Blessing of the Animals service, which is usually held in October.

Fifth Annual Blessing of the Animals

White Memorial will hold its fifth annual Blessing of the Animals worship service on
Sunday, October 4 at 5:30 p.m. in the Carol Copeland Courtyard. This service is sponsored by our Companion Animal Ministry. All of God’s creatures, including their people, are welcome. All dogs are asked to be on a leash, and other animals are asked to be brought in carriers. If you believe your companion animal would be uncomfortable around other animals, you are welcome to bring a photo of your animal or their leash or favorite toy and receive a blessing. We also will have a moment of silence to remember our animal friends who have passed away.

There will be refreshments after the worship service, including a special cake prepared by Macy Aguirre, White Memorial’s Director of Food Service. Our offering will be dog/cat food, litter, towels, and dog/cat toys to benefit the SPCA of Wake County. Please consider bringing a donation to the service for this wonderful cause.

For more information or to get involved, contact 
Chris White, chair. Our SPCA with Pet Food
Wake County SPCA helped save many abused, grossly neglected dogs taken in a Brunswick County puppy mill bust.  The SPCA took 130 of them for care and placement.  They also took 52 cats from a gross neglect situation in Rowan County.  Praise God for their humane care and concern for God's creatures.  Needed are food, litter, towels and toys.  Contributions also are welcome.

The SPCA of Wake County also continues its AniMeals program, supplying pet food to Resources for Seniors to deliver to seniors and disabled adults with pets.  Your gift of pet food ensures that seniors and the disabled with limited income do not choose to feed their animals to the exclusion of their own food, medicine, and utilities.

WMPC has a faithful history of supporting the SPCA.  Bring your pet-related items to the SPCA blue box located in the Connector.  Contact Chris White, Companion Animal Ministry (CAM) Chair, with questions.

Top Ten Ways You Can Support Animals and CAM:
  1. Donate dog food and cat food to benefit the AniMeals Program of the SPCA of Wake County. Leave your pet food in the S.P.C.A. box in the connector.
  2. Consider adopting a rescue animal from the SPCA of Wake County or any other reputable animal rescue organization.
  3. Designate the SPCA of Wake County on your Christmas Share when you give to others who love animals.
  4. Attend the annual Blessing of the Animals worship service at White Memorial. The Fifth Annual Blessing of the Animals will be held in October 2015.
  5. Contact CAM whenever you adopt a new animal. CAM would like to send you and your animal a welcome card.
  6. Contact CAM whenever you know of a White Memorial member with a very sick animal. CAM would like to pray for the family.
  7. Contact CAM when you know of a White Memorial member who has an animal who has passed away. CAM would like to write the family.
  8. Contact CAM if you have a trained pet therapy animal and would like to meet other White Memorial members with pet therapy animals.
  9. Contact CAM if you have any ideas on things CAM can do to serve White Memorial and God’s creatures, such as speakers, projects, service, outreach, worship, etc.
  10. Contact CAM if you would like to volunteer. Memorial held its fourth annual Blessing of the Animals worship service on October 5, 2014. More than 125 people and their animals attended the service on a beautiful fall afternoon. Read Chip Pope's meditation titled “Where the Grass Grows” and see pictures from the event.

On October 6, 2013, Companion Animal Ministry held the third annual Blessing of the Animals service. Read Gary Fulton’s homily called “Rafiki’s Story” and see pictures from the event.

The 2012 Blessing of the Animals service was held on October 21, 2012. Read Nolan Huizenga's homily called “Donkey Tales” and see photos from the event.

On 16 October 2011, Companion Animal Ministry cosponsored White Memorial's first Blessing of the Animals service. See photos from the event. Read Nolan Huizenga's homily called "Love the Animals!"