Prayer Ministry

Simone Weil prayer quote
What is prayer for you? Does it have a place in your life? Or is it your life? What does it mean to "pray without ceasing," as Paul encourages the Thessalonian church?

There are as many ways to pray as there are human beings. Prayer may comprise words and silence and actions and music and art. Prayer is not one-sided, but rather an openness to two-way communication with God. In prayer we present our true selves before God, and we also pay attention for God’s voice and presence in our lives. Wholeness and Healing
Anticipating a Blue Christmas?
Gather with others for quiet worship
that recognizes there are many of us who struggle through the
Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s crush.
Sunday, December 11 ~ 6:00 p.m.
Davidson Chapel

Contact Lisa Hebacker with questions.

Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer meets the first, third and fifth Tuesdays, 6:00-6:30 p.m. in W400.

Praying Our Church into its Future
Join us the forth Thursday of each month, 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. in Davidson Chapel.

All are welcome - come join us if you can!

Prayer Chart
Below is a list of the People, Missions and Visions of WMPC which will be lifted up each week during the Praying Our Church into Its Future prayer times at WMPC, as well as privately.
Dates           People  Mission  Vision 
October 23 - 29  Brooks Jordan, Stewardship Chair, and the Stewardship Committee.  Crop Hunger Walk  Prepare the hearts of our congregation to be open as they prayerfully consider their financial gifts. 
October 30 - November 5  Karl Zinsmeister, Kirsten Homdrom, Rich Richards, Agnes Vaglio, Kelly Gold, Cindy Sharp and Lee Baker as they lead our magnificent music programs.   Writing Toward Healing Class  Dedication Sunday and James Fenwick’s Ordination.
November 6 - 12  Young Adult Group returning from Fall Retreat.

Kate Taber, Presbyterian mission co-worker in the Middle East.
Evensong Program and those we memorialize in our hearts and prayers.  Our country, The United States of America, united for all people as we vote and strive to come together for a better future. 
November 13 -19  Anna Hattaway and members of the Memorial Garden Committee.  Avila Retreat and attendees.

Cancer Companions
Healing Prayer and its ministry.
Imagine: Giving Our Best to God; Capital Campaign Committee and Building Committee.
November 20 - 26  Our Pastoral Staff; Christopher Edmonston, Tracey Daniels, James Fenwick, Gary Fulton, Lisa Hebacker, Gloria Johnson, Chip Pope, Grier Richards, Art Ross  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program; Give Act Pray.  Outreach Committee as they respond faithfully to God’s Grace. 
November 27 – December 3  Our congregation as we Worship, Embrace & Serve during the Advent Season.  Santuario Hispanic Fellowship as they seek to become a chartered Presbyterian Church.  Weekday School Committee. 

Past prayer charts

You may also find the following resources from our church library useful, whether you are new to Centering Prayer or a seasoned practitioner:

Open Mind, Open Heart : The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel by Keating, Thomas. - (248.34 Kea)
Psalms for Praying : An Invitation to Wholeness by Merrill, Nan C. - (223 Mer)
Soul Feast : An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life by Thompson, Marjorie J. - (248 Tho)
Fr. Thomas Keating on Centering Prayer (Video 291.4 Kea)

WMPC Prayer Ministry also sponsors:
  • A Prayer Network of people committed to bringing before God the gratitude and needs of our community and beyond. If you have anything you would like lifted in prayer or would like to join the Prayer Network, please send an email request to Lisa Hebacker.
  • Seasonal Services of Wholeness and Healing incorporating music, prayer, and silence. These services are sometimes created in partnership with other ministries (Stephen Ministry, Music and Worship, Youth, etc.). We offer these Wholeness and Healing services a few times a year, often during the seasons of Advent, midwinter, and Lent. Our next Service of Wholeness and Healing is December 11 at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome.
  • Contemplative Retreats at the restful Avila Retreat Center in Durham, NC. Put the demands of your life on hold and join us for the next retreat in the spring of 2017. For more information, please contact Grier Richards.