Summer Programs

Midsummer Celebrations: God’s Surprises  
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Join children and leaders from the Oberlin Road churches for four nights of learning about God’s Surprises. Enjoy fun activities, supper, and a lively worship service each evening.  

Dates: Monday, July 27 - Thursday, July 30, 2015
Times: 6:00 - 8:15 p.m.
Ages: Current 2nd - 5th grades (2014-2015)
Cost: $15.00
Location: White Memorial Presbyterian Church
Questions: Meg Ellis or Lynn Springfield (919-834-3425, ext. 232)
Vacation Church School 

“In God we live, move, and exist.” Acts 17:28a

At this year’s Vacation Church School 212 children visited the G-Force Zone and experienced God’s unstoppable love and learned how to show God’s love in action. During each day’s assembly, children, youth, and adults celebrated God through movement, singing, drama, and storytelling. We were joined by Checkers the Cheetah who helped us learn to move, act, care, follow, and share with God.

Our VCS navigators met people from the Bible who taught us how to put our faith into action. We saw how God called Moses to get moving to lead His people out of Egypt. Solomon demonstrated how to act for God through building the temple.  We learned about caring through four friends who carried their paralyzed friend to Jesus. The healing of Bartimaeus taught us about following God. And the women at the empty tomb taught us about sharing the Good News.

Our VCS navigators zoomed through craft, music, movement, and new science zones.  Additionally, 30 young children of our adult helpers shared in a fun nursery experience.

VCS was also a week of service. We collected 200 sporting goods items for Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County. Donations included balls, cleats, flying discs, and tennis racquets and a $75 donation by White Memorial’s Circle C. The 3-year-olds and kindergarteners made homeless kits for their families to keep in their cars for when they encounter someone in need. The 4th and 5th graders made blankets that will be delivered to Interact. Our 4th and 5th graders also shared G-Force songs with Morningside residents on Friday. In our assemblies and closing worship service, 4th and 5th graders were worship and music leaders. Our decorations and curriculum will be reused by St. Andrews Presbyterian Church and other sister churches in the New Hope Presbytery.

We are grateful for the 146 adults and 66 youth who led and mentored our children and helped to make our G-Force VCS a wonderful celebration of God’s love in action.

Carol Holt and Kristy Wood

Anna Baird, Diane Britt, Dorothy Crowder, Duval Fisher, Katie Gillespie, Erin Goettsch, Kelly Gold, Melissa Graham, Rebecca Hancock, Kirsten Homdrom, Kimberly Layton, Jerri Lemanski, Kathleen Liebowitz, Paige Marsh, Kelly Miller, Mandy Patterson, Joelle Pemberton, Kristen Rittenmeyer, Lindsay Smith, Brennan Vanderberry, Lee Veit, Kim Walker, Karl Zinsmeister, Lora Zinsmeister

Kathy Andrew, Kristen Ange, Cynthia Baggett, Lee Baker, Suzanna Beamish, Maggie Black, Fran Botzis, Tammy Cloutier, Paula Corkey, Erin Duffy, Kimberly Durland, Hanna Compton, Marlet Edwards, Olivia Edwards, Tiska Farnham, Alex Flynn, Meg Groves, Nancy Hardison, Julie Leon, Cissy Livengood, Kathleen Mayfield-Garcia, Heather Kraudel, Rhonda McNairy, Sarah Meacham, Jennifer Munford, Ashley Silverman, Lauren Smith, Rebecca Spanbauer, Beth Spano,  Elizabeth Thompson, Karen Tinnesz, Alyson Tuck, Kathy Volcjak, Jessica Wahler, Rachel Walker, Anne Wein, Karen Wilson, Kristi Wilson, Marianne Wood

VCS Adult Volunteers
Morgan Angley, Anna Bazemore, Cheryl Blanton, Karen Brockschmidt, Ansley Cella, Ginger Crowther, Jill Darnell, Julie Daly, Arielle Dozier, Sally Ferrara, Emily Funderburk, Melissa Green, Carter Grimes, Barbara Gunter, Amanda Harrell, Carey Harris, Carl Hibbert, Carl Hibbert, Jr., Karen Hoover, Connie Hudson, Ashley Jennings, Jenni Jones, Rebecca Kayye, Tracy Kimbrell, Emily Lackey, Marty Long, Tiffany Lund, Carol Lynn, Nancy McLean, Donna Mehr, Lisa Mesnard, Suzanne Morrison, Judy Mullins, Gregg Newton, Tricia Parker, Millie Raynor, Victoria Rectanus, Madeleine Roberts, Elizabeth Robinson, Eloise Robinson, Tamara Shatterly, Gail Sprecher, Ashley Taylor, Caroline Wall, Anne Wallwork, Kelly Washburn, Leigh Wheeler, Jane Wood, Callie Wright

Snack Providers
In addition to the people listed above, some of whom also brought in snacks, the following gracious people and other anonymous bakers nourished our bodies and spirits throughout the week:
Emily Allen, Lynn Ashby, Betsy Barnett, Brandon Baron, Nancy Brewer, Beth and Jonathan Broyles, Caroline Carr, Colleen Edmonston, Allison Egner, Marian Godwin, Jennifer Gottsegen, Ann Hanley, Jill Hemingway, Julia Gray Hooks, Heather Horton, Brooks Jordan, Elliott Leake, Jennifer Martin, Ryn Millican, Leslie Mize, Sarah Noah, Erica Oliver, Sara Patterson, Sally Phillips, Elissa Pope, Ashley Robertson, Kristin Seale, Kristen Sloop, Nancy Thompson, Anna Townsend, Walker Wilson

Youth Helpers
Julia Allen, Wyatt Baggett, Cameron Baird, Griffin Baird, Charles Bell, Elizabeth Bond, Eliza Bourne, Sarah Bourne, Rainey Brewer, Lillian Brimberry, Sarah Goodwin Brook, Alexx Brown, Michael Brown, Elizabeth Bryant, Hayes Chamblee, David Clark, Thomas Clark, Alice Connor, Sam Corkey, Brayden Crowder, Maggie Duffy, Zoe Durland, Elizabeth Haigler, Grace Haile, Kathryn Haile, Lauren Hamm, Madeline Haneline, Hannah Harvey, Charlie Johnson, Ashton Jones, Blair King, Sutton Lasso, Abigail Livengood, Marshall Livengood, Duncan MacRae, Lillienne Martin, Sussie Mason, Alex McNeill, Ainsley Mesnard, Jack Messenger, Maeve Millen, Maggie Montgomery, Lillie Moore, Hayden Mullins, Gwynn Nowell, Matthew Nunnally, Van Parker, Mary Livingston Peatross, Garrison Peppers, Carly Rittenmeyer, Lindsey Rittenmeyer, Abigail Robertson, Hannan Rossi, Austin Rohweder, Sally Sandridge, Clay Schrum, Lawson Strickland, Betsy Teel, Trey Tierney, Weatherly Tierney, Grey Thompson, JT Towles, Winston Tuttle, Reid Walker, Joe Thomas Williams, Lindley Williams.

Next year’s Vacation Church School, directed by 
Kathleen Mayfield-Garcia and Elizabeth Thompson, will be June 20-24, 2016.   
Join us for another great week of growing in faith together!
Questions?  Contact Lynn Springfield (919-834-3425, ext. 232).

Grandparent/Grandchild One Day Camp - All About Hats
Thursday, July 16, 2015 (registration is closed)

9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.; for children ages 4, by October 15, 2015,
through rising first grade and a grandparent, great-gra
ndparent or special friend.
$10.00 per child; $6.00 per adult (should be at least $16.00 for two)
Questions: Tracey Daniel, 919-834-3425, ext. 247

Summer MMO
Toddlers and infants may attend our Summer Mother's Morning Out Program for six sessions in July and August from 9:10 a.m.-1:10 p.m.
Contact: Carolyn Pittman (staff), 919-834-3425 ext. 233