We share ministry in Haiti with two mission partners: Haiti Outreach Ministry and Family Health Ministry.

Haiti Outreach Ministry (HOM)

Haiti Outreach Ministry (HOM) supports churches with school and clinic outreach programs in the Terre Noire, Cite Soleil, Repatriote, and Barye Fe communities near Port-au-Prince. Pastor Leon and Jacky Dorleans began their ministry in Haiti 30 years ago with a church serving people in the Cite Soleil community. Today their work includes three churches, three primary schools, a secondary school, a clinic, and vocational classes! Over 3,000 people worship weekly in the three churches and HOM provides schooling for more than 1900 students.

With financial support from our church and others, HOM was able to open a secondary school at Barye Fe so children would no longer have to leave their community after sixth grade to continue their education. The school, which opened in September 2015, currently serves students in grades seven through twelve. A capital campaign is currently underway to provide funds for the construction of a third building, which will allow students to continue through grade thirteen and remain in their community for their education with HOM support.

WMPC sponsors 30 children who attend school in Terre Noire. We hope to continue to sponsor these children through high school. Several Sunday School classes, circles, and individuals at WMPC also sponsor children. HOM relies on sponsorship to support the children with their education. Information on sponsorship is available on the HOM website.

White Memorial frequently sponsors mission trips to Haiti and supports HOM financially and through participation in special projects. Church members participate in an annual joint medical mission trip with First Presbyterian church and mission trips to Haiti take place most years.

For additional information about HOM visit their website at haitiom.org.

Family Health Ministries (FHM)

Family Health Ministries (FHM) was founded by David (Ob/Gyn) and Kathy (pediatric nurse practitioner) Walmer started their work in Haiti in 1993. FHM’s programs focus on women’s and children’s health care and education, with an emphasis on cervical cancer prevention and safe childbirth. They serve 1,000 Haitians monthly. Employing 50 Haitians and five Americans, Family Health Ministries sets priorities with its Haitian partners, researching and developing tools and techniques tailored to Haitian needs. Family Health Ministries has many collaborators and partners in Haiti and in the US including White Memorial Presbyterian Church. Their mission is “to support Haitian communities in their efforts to build and sustain healthy families.”

For additional information about FHM visit their website at familyhm.org.