Poland Ministry

WMPC has had a relationship with the Evangelical School of Theology-Educational Center (EWST) in Wroclaw, Poland since 2007. The mission of the WMPC Poland Committee is to nurture and strengthen this relationship through Mission Study/Service trips to Poland, through showing hospitality to and learning from EWST when staff members visit Raleigh, and by sharing prayer concerns and news. WMPC also provides some financial support for EWST programs and student scholarships.

The Evangelical School of Theology-Educational Center (EWST) was founded behind the Iron Curtain in 1989 in Wroclaw, Poland. WMPC members Tom and Linda Robinson have been involved from the beginning. The school opened in 1990, originally as the Biblical Theological Seminary (BST), in a democratic Poland, but one which was still over 95% Catholic. Today, EWST is transforming from a traditional theological school to a multi-faceted educational center that provides programs and courses designed to equip people who are already in ministry, to attract people for broader theological studies regardless of their theological level and background, to train Christian leaders, to be involved in theological research and to create evangelical culture/ethos within Polish society. The Educational Center currently offers 1) an accredited, non-denominational, non-public B.A. Program in Theology, 2) Open Academy of Theology (for churches) that includes the School of Apologetics and School of Biblical Languages, and 3) Academy of Third Age (for seniors). Special conferences, lectures, debates, workshops, training courses and concerts are also a dynamic part of the EST-Educational Center.

From 1990 to the present, EST-EC has sought to stay focused on its core purpose and goals while making adjustments and creatively applying the gospel message to dynamically changing realities in Poland and its people in the 21st century. The staff at EST-EC writes, “We are grateful to the Lord who has faithfully provided for the financial, spiritual and practical needs of EST since 1990. Please pray with us as we continue in His service “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up…” (Ephesians 4:12).”

We at WMPC have much to learn from the creativity and synergy of our Polish friends. The Poland Committee invites you to join us in this ministry by attending a committee meeting or event, becoming an active member of our committee, traveling to Poland on a Mission Study/Service trip, contributing to EST-EC student scholarships through WMPC Christmas Share Program, and/or by joining us in prayer. To be added to our email distribution list please contact David Rosar or Kathy Kidd.

To read more about the ministry and programs of EST-EC, please go to their English language website: http://en.ewst.pl/

Interviews from EWST

During the pandemic, Dr. Wojciech Szerba and Marek Kucharski of EWST seminary in Wrocław, Poland have conducted a series of interviews with theologians in the US and Europe.  Wojciech’s series, “Christianity in the Age of Anxiety” may be accessed here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb_DQQDTLhWkT4S08LBtB1lIyZowGz4GD

Marek’s “Church New Challenges” are also on YouTube at:

History of the Relationship between WMPC and EWST

The relationship began with WMPC members Tom and Linda Robinson, who have been involved with the Evangelical School of Theology-Educational Center (EWST) in Wroclaw, Poland since it’s inception in 1989. Tom was the treasurer for the International Board of EWST from 1999 to 2011. Linda Robinson and retired pastor Gary Fulton led the first WMPC Mission Study Trip to Poland in 2007. Retired WMPC senior pastor Art Ross joined the EWST board in 2011 and served as the board’s treasurer.  WMPC has sponsored three additional Mission Study Trips to Poland since the first trip in 2007.